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God: The Journey Within [signed]

PRE-ORDER OPPORTUNITY — Book Release Date 3.10.2023

If your relationship with and focus on God is cloudy, you might invite clarity by reading God: The Journey Within. Conceived and edited by Diem Jones, a non-profit leader, artist, and music industry executive, this concise anthology invites the reader into the individual and collective minds of sixteen persons from disparate backgrounds. Contributors include: religious leaders including a Baptist Minister and a Rabbi; a doctor; musicians; professors; a corporate CFO; journalists; a Qigong master; poets; music industry executives; a playwright; and a retired judge. All writers investigate their conceptions and interactions with the Spirit World with wit and reverence. God: The Journey Within is a wonderful tutorial on spiritual contemplation and Love. Diem Jones is a visionary thought leader, and so too are all of the writers within this introspective examination of ageless inquiry…And if your personal spirit world is still somewhat muddled after you turn the final page, you’ll have refreshed interior perception, replete with new beacons.


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