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#1 Bimini Road

Downtown Atlantis, where you might see the jellyfish jamming with the salmon, come face-to-face with a mouth named Jaws, freak out with a mermaid named Rita, and meet Mr. Wiggles the Worm . So speaks Mr. Wiggles/George Clinton over the opening basslines of Parliament s 1978-79 underwater funk sextravanganza Motor Booty Affair . As he told High Times magazine in November of 1978 about he and space bassist Bootsy Collins deep sea fishing excursions off of Bimini; a lot of the time we be out here and a whole school of dolphins will hang around and party with us. They ll follow us all the way to harbor. We is really in tune with them dudes whoever they is. That s what I am working on next, gonna call it Dol-Funk. We is gonna take the Mothership Connection underwater here for the next album and road show. We are going to vibrate Atlantis to the surface and connect the continents. That s the ultimate power of the Funk. It ll be the greatest bumpathon ever. Gonna call it the Motor Booty Affair. Gonna be all kinds of trips comin down real soon, a whole army of dudes called Rump of Steel Skin-they got bombs in their ass that explode when they bump with you . I still remember when the album came out, around Christmas of 1978, everybody was wondering now how they gonna pull this off? The band had just come off the road with the Funkadelic anit-tour in support of One Nation Under a Groove, with almost no props or costumes. It would be a couple of months at least before they loaded up the massive Motor Booty stage set and headed back out, but you can bet, we were gonna be there! Now after almost 25 years here comes Diem Jones #1 Bimini Road, Authentic Pfunk Insights , a truly remarkable book that chronicles this now legendary performance with amazing photography and philosophical intelligentsia truisms . In other words, the truth as seen thru the eyes of a Sufi Warrior. Over 120 pages of full color photos of arguably the most significant musical phenomena of the past quarter century: George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. Jones holds no punches. Not only do you get shots from the Motor Booty Affair, and believe me the gangs all here- Mr. Wiggles with Giggles and Squirm, Starchild, Rump of Steel Skin, Sir Nose, Dr. Funkenstein, Queen Freakalene; Diem has included here a plethora of pix from the original Mothership Earth Tour, the Funkentelechy/Flashlight show and well into the 80s with the Pfunk All Stars Atomic Dog throwdown. Beautiful shots of Brides of Funkenstein Dawn, Lynn, Sheila Horne, Jeanette McGruder and Parlet s Jeanette Washington and Debbie Wright are interspersed with pictures of all the Mob s major players. Funksters like Bootsy, Mike Hampton, Eddie Hazel, Glen Goins, Garry Shider, Pfunk Horns, Maceo and Kush, Cordell Mosson. My favorite is a two page center shot in the middle of the magazine of George Clinton as the Butterfly. So its indeed one of a kind. One day this book will be as legendary as the tour that produced it. Jones, art director for Uncle Jam records, took the shots during the peaking of the Pee behind the scenes during the late 70s and early 80s. Also included are a selective funkography and a historical chronicle of the Funk Mob s activities in the studio and on the road throughout this amazing period. –The Funk


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